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Hanamomo (peach blossoms)

Hanamomo (peach blossoms)

Along with the starry sky, Achi is famous for its "Hanamomo" (peach blossoms).
From early April to early May every year, visitors can enjoy the beautiful peach blossoms along Route 153 from the Iida-Yamamoto IC area to the Achi area.The peach blossoms along Route 153 from the Iida/Yamamoto IC area to the Kiso Valley along Route 256 are a sight to behold.

Achi River

Achi River

Achi River, which flows right next to "YAMABOSHI ," is a well-known mountain stream fishing spot.

  • Daily fishing tickets are available at "YAMABOSHI ".
  • Please understand that we cannot cook or preserve your catch.


3731-4 Chisato, Achimura, Shimoina-gun, NaganoEnjoy a relaxing view of the Southern Alps from the ropeway and pair lifts.

You can also enjoy full-scale trekking in Fujimidai Plateau. There are also facilities for visitors with dogs. At night, you can enjoy the "Sky”The "starry sky night tour" is also held at night.

  • “YAMABOSHI " is an offcial hotel for the "Sky Paradise Japan's Best Starry Sky Night Tour".

Hirugami Hot Spring Morning Market

331-1 Chisato, Achi-mura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture

The famous morning market is held every morning for 365 days in the nearby hot spring village of Hirugami.The market offers a variety of vegetables, fruits, and processed goods depending on the season.

[April to October]
6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
[November to March]
6:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

Komatsunagi Cherry Blossoms

Komatsunagi Cherry Blossoms

3557 Chisato, Achimura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture

This is an old tree where Minamotono Yoshitsune is said to have hitched his horse on his way to Oshu.The large crown of the tree spreads out like a fan and cherry blossoms bloom in spring.The tree still boasts cherry blossoms in spring.

Chogakuji Temple

Komaba 569, Achi Village, Shimoina County, Nagano Prefecture

The temple is said to be the place where Lord Takeda Shingen died.There are his memorial tower and his relics.

Manchuria Peace Memorial Hall

711-10 Komaba, Achi Village, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture

This is the only museum in Japan dedicated to the history of the Manchurian Mongolian Settlement.

Kojoin Moon Viewing Hall

Kojoin Moon Viewing Hall

Chisato, Achimura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture

It is said to be the site of Kojo-in Temple built by the great priest Dengyo during the Heian period (794-1185).
It is called "Tsukimido-Do" (moon-viewing temple) because writers once gazed at the moon from this place.

Hahakigi (broom tree)

Chisato, Achi Village, Shimoina County, Nagano Prefecture

The broom, which was used as a motif in the Shinkokin Wakashu and the Tale of Genji, looks like a broom from a far, but when you get closer, it looks like a broom.
It is said to be the tree of the legend "From a distance it looks like a broom, but when you get closer you can't see it".
The tree that bears this name survives only at the base of the trunk, and continues to live quietly behind Tsukimidō.
The tree is said to be the root trunk of the hinoki tree.