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Nishi-Azabu "Towa”

Deliciousness is "Always".
You have to taste the "pleasure" of the unusual.

The restaurant is on back street near the Nishiazabu intersection along Roppongi Dori. The restaurant is located on the second floor of a modern concrete building. There is no signboard or curtain. The restaurant is isolated from everyday life and set up quietly.It is a perfect place for an adult to hide away from the daily life.Once you step into the restaurant, you will find yourself in a high-quality Japanese space. The warmth of the solid wood counter is a perfect place to sit down and you can enjoy a meal prepared by the owner, Takaaki Tsuneyasu.He serves his dishes in front of the customers directly. The restaurant is sometimes described as a "meat kappo" restaurant, but it is much more than that. The best seasonal ingredients are presented in front of the customers with the chef's creativity and ingenuity. “Towa ”opened in Nishiazabu, Tokyo, in 2018. Since then, the restaurant has been providing many executives with the finest dining experiences. The restaurant's taste, which continues to be highly praised by the Michelin Guide . It must be unwavering. The quality of the food is so reliable that it keeps customers coming back for more.Deliciousness is Always .But there is also a sense of "enjoyment" that only "always" can bring. The owner says that he wants customers to feel the "enjoyment" that only "towa" can bring.

“Towa" wants to be a restaurant that will be loved "forever.

Takaaki Tsuneyasu, a chef from Okayama Prefecture.He started his career at "Kikunoi", a long-established Japanese restaurant.After a period of hard work, he decided to move to France. He worked at ”Hanawa” where he served true Japanese cuisine that was more than just a sushi bar in Paris.After returning to Japan, He has been working at Kanda, one of the 100 best Japanese restaurants in Tokyo.In April 2018, he opened "Towa" in Nishi-Azabu.Since then, he has served many executives.I started cooking because I loved cooking. It's that simple.But his love of cooking is hard-core. By the time he was three years old, he was holding a knife next to his grandparents. He is a chef now.But on his days off, he cooks for his family. To ensure that his customers can enjoy such supreme , He creates delicious foodand provide an exquisite space.In this way, "Towa" becomes a restaurant that will be loved "forever”.

Not only the food, but also the spirit of "Towa " has been inherited at "YAMABOSHI “.

To supervise the cooking, Tsuneyasu invited the head chef of YAMABOSHI. This was for training. Not only to teach him techniques and cooking methods, but also to share his personality and what he is trying to achieve. Without that understanding, even if they cook the same dish, the result will be completely different. The chef of YAMABOSHI absorbs the dishes that were created for YAMABOSHI like a dry sponge. But that is not all. Mr. Tsuneyasu says there is more he can do for his customers as a chef. He said, "Prepare things that may not be necessary at all for a chef. Even things that may not be necessary at all in a restaurant. It is only when you are able to show a casual consideration that the food you serve will stand out. The teachings of Mr. Tsuneyasu cultivated through his training not only in Japan but also abroad. These things have been firmly passed on to YAMABOSHI. The meals of "YAMABOSHI " are served around the hearth using plenty of local ingredients. Please enjoy the many dishes that are a fusion of the "Towa" style to your heart's content

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Nishi-Azabu "Towa”

Address Modern Form Nishiazabu Building Part 3 2F, 4-11-25 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-6433-5680
Number of Seats 14 seats

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